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Queensway is one of the largest areas in London, capital of England, there are many multinational restaurant in the Arab Mediterranean and of Chinese, street stalls, shops and pubs. Queensway was developed for becoming Its main suburbs of London in the 19th century. However, in modern times is the center of relaxation and entertainment in London. It is connected with rest of the city by tube mostly, having two tube stations in its vicinity. Rumour has it that much of the area was bought by a rich Brunei family to redevelop it into an even more luxurious district.

There are many points of interest to see in Queensway and its close proximity. One of the more interesting ones is Whiteleys, a shopping center that used to be pretty famous even before it got rebuilt after a huge fire that almost consumed it. During early 1900s it was the only shopping centre in the world that had both a theatre and a golf course on its roof, I would say it is pretty impressive even during modern times.

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Places to be in Queensway during nighttime, because drinking during the day is for alcoholics, include: Notting Hill Arts Club, known for its steady crowds of young individuals during weekend evenings, perfect to show your stunning company off. Westbourne House, a bit more on the fancy side, if cocktails are your drink of choice, rather than beer. And a selection of restaurants for the rich crowd, where no one can even read the menu properly.

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