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Notting Hill is an area in inner London, close to Kensington Gardens and home to Portobello Market and Notting Hill Carnival. It first developed in 1820s and has long since been known for its alternative and avantgarde community but also for intolerance towards inhabitants of different nationalities or races. A model of Victorian architecture, terraces, decadent restaurants and high end shopping. Part of modern Notting Hill was known by the name of Potteries and Piggeries, and it centered around a pig slurry and clay pottery where its inhabitants had to relocate from the Marble Arch area.

There even used to be a hippodrome in Notting Hill build in 1837, though it did not generate enough income to keep it running and local authorities decided to close it up in 1842, development of housing took its place. It does sound like a decent place to get nice and dirty with one of our Notting Hill escort girls, if you like them rough and unsophisticated.

Story of Notting Hill gets even worse during the 20th century, the area degraded into a slum, one of the most dangerous and unwelcoming districts in London, its architecture fallen victim to Luftwaffes Blitz’s. But it all changed for the better, now Notting Hill is one of the most desirable towns, with beautiful houses, gardens and grand terraces. It is a real shame that the cozy shoppes are giving place to Starbucks and all the other shit, while fruit, veggies, antique and second hand wonders stands struggle to stand.

Even in these troubling circumstances modern Notting Hill is a romantic and nostalgic town, ideal to take a walk around with a stunning companion from our Notting Hill escorts company. Take your pick from a wide variety of beautiful, young women to keep you warm during those cold, English nights. Escorts in Notting Hill could accompany you to the annual Notting Hill Carnival, which basically is a two day non-stop party in a multi cultural environment, literally the place to be in London during august.

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