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Marble Arch is an area in City of Westiminster in Central London. There is a tube station and several bus stations in its vicinity. Its name comes from an enormous arch made of marble that used to be placed as an entrance to the rebuilt Buckingham Palace in 1837 by Queen Victoria. The Queen quickly noticed that the rebuilt palace was not big enough to house all of her court, cousins and family, that being the case, she had to rebuild the palace to enlarge it, so the Marble Arch had to be dismantled and moved to the entrance to Hyde Park, where it stand on an enormous traffic island.

There are literally crowds of eye catching escorts in Marble Arch, surrounding areas, including the Hyde Park are perfect for long walks and picnics. The arch itself, having just three usable, tiny rooms, used to house a metropolitan police station for approximately hundred years.

Oxford Street, Park Lane, Bayswater Road meet at the Marble Arch traffic island, each and every one of those streets is packed with shopping areas, bars, pubs, clubs, theaters and art galleries. There also used to be the largest cinema in whole Londo, called Odeon Arch Cinema back in the day, having a 23m wide screen, which has gotten converted into a mini-plex in 1997. On a more creepy note, Marble Arch stands in place of Tyburn Gallows, also known as the Tyburn Tree, a public execution place where London authorities used to hang criminals. 1196 was the year of the first recorded execution, 1783 being the last. Some people say the site is haunted.

Literally a few minutes of walking away from the Marble Arch you come across a multitude of attractions to keep your female company interested. For example the Winter Wonderland, an amusement part open all year long, housing a multitude of rides, food stands, trinket shops, even a german beer tent with brat and currywurst. If you are feeling lazy you could always take your girl on a ride around the city with The London Cabbie Private Tour service. Remember to call and book one of our Marble Arch escorts earlier, so you do not miss out.

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